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Karate 2020 Budapest

It is a great honour to host the most prestigious event of the rising generation of karatekas, the EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships. I am particularly glad that only 7 years after the European Senior Championships, Budapest is to host such an exclusive and international karate tournament. Hungary and Budapest, located in the heart of Europe, will do their best to officiate as host. We would like to show good example of organization, hospitality and friendliness.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games approaches, the prestige of karate is noticeably growing. Here in Budapest, we are highly committed to fulfill these expectations.

The traditions and the high standards of this competition that were set by our predecessors inspire us to really make this event the celebration of our beloved karate.


Dr. János Mészáros
President of the Hungarian Karate Federation


BOK Sport Centre will host the 2020 Cadet, Junior and U21 European Karate Championships. This is the facility with the best circumstances where Budapest will welcome the karatekas of the continent.

In the Hungarian Team we do our best to find the balance and give equal opportunity to the experienced, EC finalists and to the young, talented competitors. Our aim is to delegate a National Selection that will do its best in front of the home audience, and lives up to the fair name of their predecessors. Moreover, the Hungarian audience will meet the finest of the karate community and will show how they celebrate the past of the Hungarian karate as well.

Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, and can be easily accessed not only geographically, but from sportpolitical and cultural point of view. Sportlife has an impressive and rich tradition in our country.

In recent years karate has been improving dinamically in quality and in popularity, our competitors have won several medals at the Continental and the World Championhips.

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Hungary has old and traditional experiences in organizing events, in hospitality, the people and the society are opened, friendly and hospitable. Sportlife has an impressive and rich tradition in our country. Sport has a significant role in Hungary, we have hosted several tournaments of great magnitude in recent years. The Junior, Cadet & U21 EKF Championships fits perfectly in this line of events.

Here I would like to take the opportunity to thank the European Karate Federation to choose Budapest among the many esteemed candidates, and we are also grateful to the Hungarian Government for their kind support.

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